Thursday, June 21, 2012

The 10 Day Experiment

You ever been called a fat sloppy burger? Well neither have I, directly. In essence we actually have if that age old adage “You are what you eat” is true. At the beginning of my weight-loss journey I really had no clue what healthy options were when it came to food. I was completely ignorant about nutrition and what I should and shouldn’t eat. Anyone that knows me knows that I am an extremist. I go all the way in or I’m all the way out. Its 0% or 100% that’s the only way that I know how to do things. Although, I was completely ignorant on the topic of nutrition, I was smart enough to know that it was an important component of weight- loss. I am a scientist at heart so I was compelled to do an experiment. The experiment happened due to the fact that although I was losing weight slowly, I was not impressed with the numbers being large enough or fast enough. I pondered many hours a reason as to why my numbers were not huge based on how much exercise I was putting in. That’s when the extremist was begging to venture out for an experiment. The experiment culminated into something huge.

The Experiment

I decided to not exercise as hard for 5 days and completely change what I was eating. I was eating smaller portions but it was still not considered eating clean. So my experiment was set to last for 10 days. In those 10 days I was only allowed to walk briskly or not exercise at all. The only food that I could eat was anything that has grown from natural soil of the Earth or growing from a tree. My silly slogan during this 10 day experiment was “If it ever had feet, I will not eat.”


The only things that I could eat were fruit, vegetables and raw nuts. Everything had to be uncooked and unseasoned. No salts, butters, creams, oils, seasonings (Spices from the ground are fine, but I didn’t use them) the great thing about it is that I didn’t put a limit on how much of it I could eat.  I was able to eat as much and as often as I wanted to as long as it was in its rawest form.  The raw aspect changed within hours of the process. I could not eat corn or sweet potatoes raw.  I compromised after realizing this. I completely cut out any type of potatoes because of high starch content as well as carbohydrates. Starchy potatoes can assist in weight gain if not careful, which would have been counterproductive. I also allowed myself to steam my corn in the microwave.  Microwave corn on high with two teaspoons of water and cover in microwave safe bowl for 3 minutes.  I also steamed my asparagus the same way.  Water intake was especially important in this process as well. Half of my body weight was what I drank every day. Meat food and drinks

The first 2 days felt miserable. Although I was able to eat as much as I wanted, I still kept trying to convince myself that I was hungry. The truth is I was not hungry. I was craving foods that I was accustomed to eating before. I was even craving food that I was not accustomed to eating just because I knew it was not on the list. I wanted Lobster, filet mignon, goat, ox tails and the list continues. Like I mentioned before though, those were not even things that I was eating before. I just knew that anything would have been more satisfying than what I was eating at the time.

The headaches only last on average 2 days but they were very aggressive. It’s hard to explain how it felt so I will just use this graphic to demonstrate what it felt like on the inside of my head.
<<<<<<<<<<----------------This how my head felt.
The reasons for the headaches are simply because the body is naturally cleansing and detoxifying.  It is attempting to get rid of all the toxins that are built up in the body. Those toxins are formed from all the foods that are tough to break down or digest without assistance.
This link gives you helpful information that can help you get rid of the headaches. (Oh yeah no medicine unless presribed by your doctor during this)
The intestine is very welcoming to all foods and has a hard time kicking certain foods out. Red meat is the best example of staying in the intestine longer than it’s welcomed. Red meat can take 7 years or more to digest completely if the stomach does not have a good digestive tract. This means that Red meat is like having a bankruptcy. It is going to last for 7 years and can still harm you after those 7 years are over. I’m sure you have smelled spoiled raw or cooked meat outside of the body. Imagine that same smell inside of the body but after 7 years. This is why at times our bowel movements can smell so offensive. It’s because the intestine decided that it was ready to finally evict some of that red meat that has been lodging there for years. The 10 day fruit and vegetable detox really helped expedite this process. Reason being is that we are supposed to already be assisting the intestine with this natural process. According to the food pyramid most of us eat more than our fair share of meats, poultry and fish. We also eat less than our fair share of fruit and vegetables. This causes digestive tract blockage, possible infections and illnesses within the body and of course weight gain.

When the raw fruits and vegetables start cutting through the built up spaccle that is formed in the intestine form a clear path to the rest room. This is a good thing and actually how free and clear the digestive tract is supposed to be.

I encountered slight hallucinations during the first 2 days. It was due to the toxins and poisons being realeased from the body. I had not been eating right for 28 years so negative effects were expected when I attempted this.

After the first 2 days were over, evrything was smooth sailing from there. I saw nothing but positive results. Of course while I was doing this my co workers ordered out every day. I did what I felt was right at the time. I smacked food out of the hand of the closest person to me. I’m only kidding although I did feel like doing it once or five times. I would chew my food while sniffing their food and imagine my spinach salad with no dressing tasting like the colonel’s original recipe. Man that made my lunches taste so much better. Or at least I thought it did.


The detox really worked hard to clear up my skin. Oily skin, blackheads, whiteheads, blemmishes and clogged pores. ALL repaired during the detox. Water is the fountain of youth and enhances beauty. Unfortunately, if you are just ugly water cant fix that but it will make you feel more hydrated and possibly give you the urge to swim. But in all seriousness water does repair a lot of things. All you have to do is drink it. Our bodies are 80% water so the least we could do is replenish it with 50% of our body weight.

When we only eat fruit and vegetables we have a clean system which allows easy flushing of the colon, kidneys, liver and spleen. It makes it easier for gas to escape but hey its ok because it wont smell nearly as bas as if you had a steak sitting there rotting inside of you. Not to say that your gas will be pleasurable but it will not offend so easily. Please don’t test this on an elevator empty or full. I urge against it because I tried it and although it didn’t smell like it used to I remembered to late that I was only eating fruit and vegetables not flowers so yes my gas still stinks.

I learned how to appreciate fruit and vegetables for what they really are. Nutritious. They provide us with vitamans, nutrients and energy that you cant get from all he other foods that we eat. I learned that I didn’t have to heavily season it for it to taste good. I continue to eat them the same way now.
Here is an example of what eating Raw can do for you.

The ultimate benefit in my case was feeling lighter and more energetic everyday. The weight shed like I was taking off layers. I was nervous on day 2 because I shed a record amount of weight in a single day. I completely skipped the 340’s. I weighed in that morning at 351 and new weight at the end of the day was 338. I lost 13 pounds in 1 day with light exercise and heavy fruit and vegetable intake. I didn’t know if I should celebrate or go pick a suit out for my funeral. As you can see I didn’t need a suit but I still didn’t celebrate right away either. However, I gave myself a huge hug because I knew at that point I had discovered how to lose weight. My 10 day total weight loss was 39 pounds.

Day 1: 2 pounds.

Day 2: 13 pounds!

Day3,4,5,6,7,8,9 and 10: 3 pounds

After completing this 10 day experiment I incorporated it into my lifestyle forever and ever Amen. I shortened it to 5 days every month. I do it at the end of every month to cleanse and restart every month with a new system.

Before and After

It is IMPORTANT! I repeat IMPORTANT! to perform certain rituals before and after this process.

Before: The day before you start, DRINK LOTS OF WATER! I mean 100% of your body weight. No matter what you do make sure you are drinking water and flushing it out often. Brothy based soups only. LOW TO NO SODIUM is the ticket. That is the only thing that you should eat the day before. PLEASE FOLLOW these directions accurately.

After: Same rules apply as what you do the day before. If you go back to eating solid foods you could really hurt harm or possibly gain every pound back in 1 sitiing.

This experiment was my breakthrough moment to weightloss. Once I figured out what worked for me, I stuck with it and kept going. If you are doing something that is not working that’s when it is time to try something else. A definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results. I don’t call that insanity I call that retardation. Cut it out!

If anyone decides to do this please understand that I want you to be as safe as possible and that I carry no responsibilty if anything happens to you. I will feel bad but don’t try to sue me because you can have everything that I have. That’s including student loans, mortgage and car payments.

Just contact me shall you decide to attempt this so that we can have a serious chat first. My contact info is all over the blog. Use 1. I prefer my email.

Thank You for reading.
SN: I wrote this specifically for a person following this blog. I am challenging her to do this and lose 18 pounds in 10 days. She does not believe it can happen but I know that she can do it.
ASN: I am really trying to shorten these things but its so hard to be brief but detailed when I’m so long winded. Next entry I am going to shorten it to 10 sentences if possible.
ASN: I will post pictures of some of the recipes from the detox. Ask me whats in it because I am not adding descrptions this time.

These are recipes that I used during my detox as well as a few that others shared with me.


  1. Do da dang thang bro
    God got cha back

    1. Thanks for the kind words. I really wish I could know who I was thanking. Maybe you will become a follower of the blog and then let me know. :-)

  2. Impressive LB, so when is the book coming out. I can be your manager. Lol

    1. LOL. Which LB is this? I can only see that it says anonymous. Go ahead and follow the blog so I can see who you are. I am thinking about writing a book but God hasn't told me to move on it yet. Im listening to what he wants me to do right now. When that time comes you will know. Thanks for reading. Did you read them all?

    Wow! 39 pounds in three days is enough to making anyone give this experiment a close detailed look. Thanks for sharing! I enjoyed it and will of course spread the word. The pics help a lot.Recipes are so much better with pics. So if we start counting from the top. . . what is the recipe for pic #3. Great blog. so interesting.

  4. No it was 39 pounds in 10 days. 13 in day 2 but that was a freak of nature. It never happened again. LOL. Recipe 3rd from the top was made by my sister Dorothy who lives in Germany but it is Romaine Lettuce, Red Cabbage, Red & White Onion, Tri-color peppers, and Tomatoes. Thanks for reading the blog.

  5. I love these blogs! I try to join in on the fun (the monthly detox) when I can. Every time I do it, I'm super pleased with the results! It really works! Merci Mike ^_^

    1. LOL. Hanai you are my girl you know that. Thanks for reading. I had no clue you would read it, Thanks. By the way get ready for th upcoming detox starting June 26, 2012. People like you make doing this kind of stuff fun.

  6. You got me wanting to go RAW lol..

  7. I do believe that we have to "reset" our bodies. This is a great idea and I commend you on finding what works for you! It's so easy to just "eat what we want" but sometimes we should give our bodies what it "needs". As you know, I started my sacred heart today, so I'm sitting here munching on canteloupe and honey dew melon right now. Gonna fix me a big ole bowl of soup as soon as I drink these 20 ounces of water!